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SUPERAPEX  Fournisseur de détecteur de puissance, amplificateur, mélangeur, commutateur microonde. 

MATERION  leader dans la fourniture de substrat BeOding. 

NETCOM  Fournisseur de filtre accordable, filtre LC, Amplificateur RF.   

MICROWAVE ABSORBER  Absorbant hyperfréquence en  polyester, paneau chambre anechoic......

TACONIC nouveau substrat dk 3,5 haute conductibilité thermaique.

LANSDALE hLa solution pour répondre a vos probléme d'obsolescence.

TACONIC,  Le Prepreg solution Taconic rempaçant qualifié du Speedboard.

VECTOR TELECOM AUne ligne compléte de composants en guide d'onde.


Le spécialiste en Composant RF et Hyperfréquence.

The spécialist in RF and HF Components

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tech-Inter Microwave supplier: AMI, AMC, Aeroflex Metelics, ASB, Amplifie Solution, ASC, Barry, Colby instruments, Combinova, DST, Eclipse MDI, Giga-tronics, hexawave, Hunter technology corp, jyebao, lansdale semiconductor, meca, megaphase, Microwave absorber inc, AMTI, µCI, Mintres, MITS, MWT, Nextec-RF, NuWaves, Paricon, Passive+, penn, Protection group, PDI, SRI, Synergy, Taconic, Tecdia, Techniwave, Thermoptics, Totaltemp, vector Telecom, Linear photonics, logus, microwavefilters,
Tech-inter is recommanded supplier of Amplifer, PA, LNA, MPA, Filter high pass, low pass, band pass,  diode, Coupler, Cable, Capacitor, Divider, Detector, Oscillator, Synthetizer, Switch, Mixer, Limiter, Frequency Converter, Frequency multiplier, Connector, Tuners, Itar free, ISO 9001, reach compliant.
Techniwave R&D department is at your disposal if you need Technical Support for your RF and Microwave applications. ech-Inter Composant Hyperfréquence
Tech-Inter's mission is to provide the most reliable products to satisfy our customers' needs, to anticipate the market trends and to propose the best product solution. We are an added value sales representative and distributor. Because we represent the brand image of our suppliers, we are committed to being a strong contact contact partner for technical support, sales and after sales.