News partners:

SUPERAPEX  Fournisseur de détecteur de puissance, amplificateur, mélangeur, commutateur microonde. 

MATERION  leader dans la fourniture de substrat BeOding. 

NETCOM  Fournisseur de filtre accordable, filtre LC, Amplificateur RF.   

MICROWAVE ABSORBER  Absorbant hyperfréquence en  polyester, paneau chambre anechoic......

TACONIC nouveau substrat dk 3,5 haute conductibilité thermaique.

LANSDALE hLa solution pour répondre a vos probléme d'obsolescence.

TACONIC,  Le Prepreg solution Taconic rempaçant qualifié du Speedboard.

VECTOR TELECOM AUne ligne compléte de composants en guide d'onde.


Le spécialiste en Composant RF et Hyperfréquence.

The spécialist in RF and HF Components

Open hours

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Horaire de réception et d'envoie


Tech-Inter SAS  & Tech-Inter GmbH mission are to provide the most reliable products in order to achieve our european customers' needs, to anticipate the market trends and propose the right product solution. We are for more than twenty years an added value sales representative and distributor, as we are the brand image of our principal, our committement is to be your strong technical support and your sales and after sales platform.

We cover France, Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland and Germany through our subsidiaries. 


Would you like to join us in our sales success.

Here you are :

It is the policy of Tech-Inter to maintain the goal of zero defects in all corporate operations.
This goal is to be supported our ISO 9001-2015 certification and all people.

Founded in 1993

Ownership : Privately owned and operated



Sales per market



Military and Aerospace

Harm Missile, Radar MIDS-IFF, Aerojet, Radar, etc.

Wireless Telecommunication, Patient Lifter, RF scanning receiver, Networking

Base Stations, WLAN, Wireless Modem, P2P, Security System, etc.

Instrumentation, TV/Movies/Gaming, OptometricsEquipment

IAE intelligent, Medical devices, Automotive Electronics, Test Equipment, etc.


Few Customer examples

Military and Space

Thales, Cobham, Astrium, Antwerpspace, HBO, Tesat etc.

Wireless Telecommunication

Alcatel, Freescale, Kathrein, Infineon,  etc.


Rohde & Schwarz,Chauvin Arnoult, etc.

Consumer Product

Somfy, Tefal, Hager, Delta dore etc.

Security And Avoiding System

Valeo, Hager, Ingenico,  etc.

Medical Equipment

Brucker, GE, Varian etc.


Customers' satisfaction
•We help our customers to define specifications and applications clearly.
•Our goal is to provide continuous support during the whole sales process.
•We believe Regular visits to our customers is the key to always have an eye open and never miss a business opportunity.
•Consistent product line and reputation on the market thanks to our long term relationship strategy.
•All our sales people have a microwave or opto-electronique designer technical background doubled with sales and negociation skills.
•Therefore, we speak the designer's language as we understand the purchaser's language !
•Our team is constantly adapting its product line according to our customers' demands for maximum satisfaction.


Sales and Marketing
•Mass Mailing
•Focussed e-mailing
•Customer training
•Sales people training by PLM



In addition to the Microsoft Office Pack, the sales department is equipped with Ebp suite to optimize the sales performance and the customer follow-up.

We are also equipped with computer publication softwares such as Quarx-Press, Adobe photoshop and Publisher.